About Lisa Prose

Lisa Prose,
Stands Alone,
Birthing Soliloquies
Vanquishing Enemies,
Destroying Metphors,
Shooting Love and Logic,
Flaunting “Flaws”,
Singing Sorrows,
Dreaming Tomorrows,
Finding Her Inner God,
Loving Her Inner Child,
Being Her Own Boss,
Chopping Wood and Carrying Water,
Sometimes a Student of Children,
Sometimes a Teacher of Adults,
Often Walking the very wobbly line between ingenius and insanity,
“Daring Greatly” (shoutout Brene Brown)
Falling Ungraciously,
Climbing Trees Impulsively,
Being Afraid Once She’s Up There,
Falling Hard (in more ways than one),
Bringing Out Her Warrior,
High-Fiving the Underdog,
Trying Desperately to Look Past the Painfully Obvious,
Learning How to Walk Away,
Living to Tell the Tale


dialogue. poetry. song. and narrative.


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