so many thoughts, not enough types

First surgery, then friend stuff, now the insane holiday hours. It’s effing nonstop. NON. STOP. my gahd. 

I’m too tired to think, let alone type. But I’m forcing myself to do it without actually having a goal or thesis or even a story. Basically this is really gonna suck for whomever is reading this. 

I could mention that there is a tv show called SUPER STORE which is clearly about Walmart, but I feel it really, really fails to deliver the tragic reality of such a job/workplace. I mean, this is a store that has a website dedicated to harassing the poorly dressed customers that frequent the place (another reason why I stopped wearing pajamas to the grocery store.. mufukin everybody a gotcha journalist these days~~)  I have been thinking about creating such a tv show for a year now about the happenings in my place of work, which shall not be named, and the personal stories of the customers and workers. I would want it to be funny, but also very real. Clerks would be closer to what I’m looking for except that its just those idiots talking rather than actual stories highlighting the insanity of the retail experience. 

And now I’m too tired to write more.


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