I’m posting again because I haven’t posted anything in way too long so don’t read this cuz ..yea..

sleep oertakes me. my mind has been going in a million different directions since I was silent on this blog thing. I constantely think of things I wanna say but im so afraid of not saying it right. Sometimes I think my life is a movie. People I meet have excellent dialogue. Other times I feel as if its a poorly written novel and wondering when (if at all) the plot will thicken. Perhaps I should add some flour. That said, I can’t add flour to everything. I suppose I just need to meet some more interesting people or hook up with someone. Safely, of course. On second thought I think I’m just gonna watch the latest episode of Agents of Shield that I missed while I was hunting for crafting supplies yesterday. Yes, hunting. I found a stockpile. One step closer to having stuff that resembles birthday and/or christmas presents. Happy Holidays. >.< 


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