The Next Weird Dream That Wants to be a Story/Book

They were all on a trip through a mountain with a huge canyon. Tromping along happily they didn’t realize that one of them was on a mission. The mysterious woman that no one knew, was hanging in the back. It’s not abnormal for new people to be shy, but this was sort of eery. She had a worn look to her. Her straggly sand colored hair and red-blotched dry looking skin was only eclipsed by a clear etch of hard muscle. Definitely a survivalist and NOT a pampered city-girl like some of the others. 

Other than that it seemed like a normal day. Perfect weather, moderate trail (albeit new to everyone), and friendly intellectual banter bubbling up from the group. They didn’t even notice when she disappeared. They didn’t see where she went or the fight she had with the person guarding the secret doorway. 

this happens every time. I’m running out of time and have to go to work. Heres the highlights:

She falls in front of them out of nowhere, wounded (but not helpless– she has already used a healing serum). She has a huge gash on her leg that looks like a small shark bit into her. 

The group sort of freaks out but then she starts telling them to take a new path and that they were all ready for the mission ahead of them. 

She showed them through a cave entrance where she explained that they were chosen to recover the “gamer girl” from the old world.

The old world is a post-apocalyptic mess of robots and mutants. 

The gamer girl is needed to warn us in the new world of the dangers of skirting ethics and throwing away living mistakes. 

They just need to convince her that the new world is worth saving. 

And.. they also have to survive the wars in all of the crazy different parts of the old world. Luckily there are lots of over grown trees and trash to hide in. 

We decide to split up and look for her in groups. 

The story will commence by checking on the different groups as they search for the gamer girl. 

some places:
half man/half car heap (a REAL half man attached to a small vehicle, not a transformer) runs around tinkering with all the old vehicles and keeps them safe like his family. Similar to a junkyard but the cars are alive. very muddy and cars piled high except in the center.

evil science lair full of crazy people and scientists building stuff to fight, but also to eventually go to the new world and take over their resources. lots of mazes and puzzles as booby traps created by the scientists. no one leader– its a team of three that think thay are supporting all of the crazy people who were rejected with them.

the jungle.. basically has every mutant animal you can imagine– some that are nice and jsut trying to survive and some that will eat you and spit you out. It’s not always easy to tell who is who. eg. a cute bunny could have a robotic malfunctioning kill sequence…etc.

and then the gamer girls home. Not sure because in my dream (yes this came from a dream) we didn’t get there yet. Hopefully I will.


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