Saving Plain Jane ( dream inspired)

I am an observer of these people. It’s a planet where “special” people are actually in control. Everyone is humanoid except that the ones in “power” and with “privilege” are capable of manipulating any molecular structure (including themselves) and also advanced intellect at a young age. 

The first thing that I remember is a group of young girls, practicing shape-shifting. I am specifically focused on one girl with a cherub face, dark brown skin, and shiny, tight twists in her hair. She couldn’t have been more than 7. She was a happy girl yet plagued with graphic dreams that seemed to pull her into action. She was smart enough not to tell her teachers. They were wise but even in a world of special people, control and conformity are the tools of government and education. 

Suddenly the girl [I didn’t have a name for her but we can call her.. Joy] wakes up and feels she must leave the all-girl school and head east. Since she has an advanced brain, she already knows how to drive. It was a blue convertible, styled like an earth car from the 50’s but with better fuel efficiency. She drove threw a few towns with various people some were clearly specials and were building things with their powers of molecular manipulation and some were “plains”. These were people from Earth. I am assuming they had to leave because they destroyed it but I don’t know for sure. All I know is that here on this planet they are sort of pathetic and kept as pets. 

Joy drove through her land for the first time; through wild deserts with tiny fire breathing geckos, over the great lake of a mysterious substance, past the city of rubies where the children of the elders learned the most advanced techniques, and through the living forest of ______. She had no idea what her final destination was, but she knew that she had all of the skills and creativity to get there. 

Finally, she reached an entrance gate, guarded by 5 female elders. They came to Joy and began giving her the riddles of rune. She had heard them all in her dreams and passed them with ease. Then there was the physical challenge. The women started changing Joy’s body into various earth animals to test her core identity and elasticity. She not only survived the manipulation but ended the test by turning into a blooming dandelion that sent floating, glowing seeds up into the air. This showed them that she had lost no strength through the test. She returned back to her humanoid form and giggled. 

“May I please go through, sisters?”

They smiled knowingly and allowed her to pass through. 


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