Is it a dream or a nightmare? Is there a difference?

This is a dream I had tonight. Parts of it seem really familiar. Like I had this dream before. But its more vivid and there are new characters. I’m pretty sure the prozac has something to do with it. It is what it is, m tiny brain can’t fight it–especially in sleep mode.

We were gifted. So why did they want to keep us in a cage? 

I walked through the halls of a new school aimlessly. Decor on the walls seemed empty and pointless, because it was computer generated. There are no pep rallies at this school. I looked at my class schedule, hastily scribbled by some half-cocked pill junkie at the front desk. There were times and rooms but no names for the classes so I had no idea what I was walking in to.  Doesn’t matter, I would never make it to class. 

I found old friends

we banded together to figure out what was wrong with this school.

They sent us to a cabin in the woods.

They tried to set us against each other. tall Fat white male guards that had some sort of powers of manipulation. We were children. what did we know? 

They took us to some site, for what we didn’t know, but everything was pre-set. we were left alone and I encouraged everyone to sing with me. It bonded us.  I wasn’t feeling great though and screwed up. I was singing the wrong part. I got angry and we stopped. No one knew why. 
Then the gaurds came back and took a few of us to by snacks … there happened to be a 7/11 type store in the woods–filled with junk food. Also there were two new young boys at the table with us.

I’m not sure what happened next but I think the gaurds manipulated us to kill them. And maybe eat them? That part is a blur. 

Then they took us back to the cabin and we were arguing the whole way. At the cabin we found other people that we knew but they didn’t like us and the power we had. The main leader was a woman and she waqs very defient of the gaurds and rude to us. Man of my friends went to sleep but I sat in peace in the living room. In the dark. 

I saw her walk past slowly but intently. She was leaving. The gaurds had warned us of dangers outside but she didn’t care. Even though she’s mean I was worried about her so I went to find our elder who was in the bath. He suggested that we let her be. But I couldn’t. I wanted to find her and make sure she was safe. So I grabbed a whip that just happened to be there and stepped outside. She was fine. She made some comments to me about looking afraid and said that the guards were liars. She was feeding this animals that looked very cute but I had a bad feeling. Suddenly there was a noise and the animals turned vicious. I pulled her back (she had no weapons) and the whip I used actually caused the animals to completely dissipate, as if they were video game creatures. 

She was in shock so I took her back inside. I was trying to make some tea and calm her body when suddenly I saw a figure at the door. I couldn’t see his face but I knew who it was. Richard.


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