The Color Red….

Sometimes life is black and white- solid blocks in large pixels with only streams of green leading us and following after. On my way to my current work-type-place, the fastest way can sometimes become a green-gray glob hiding behind my thoughts. All I see are the pictograms of unsettling past and improbable future. As my brain tries to sort, re-examine, and eventually rehash even the smallest of foibles my legs carry me–in tune with the earth and universal connection. Lately I’ve been catching myself, transferring my energy and distraction to all the tiny mysterious life that we tune out in order to hear our own thoughts. 

Then suddenly, I see red. I like red.

On one such day I decided to turn off my headphones and listen to the birds. It was during the time that I was taking pictures of shadows and weeds (still obsessed with shadows and reflections but not so much weeds) so I was into everyones yards. Fenced out I often had to peek or walk by with my peripheral on alert for moments. One yard on my walk home is covered in lush medium sized trees– fruit trees I believe. It also has a bit of dense fence. No matter, nature had my full attention. I heard its call and then saw a flash of red fly into the tree. I saw it looking at me and it cocked its head without the slightest hint of fear: The red cardinal. Blue jays are beautiful as well but there is just something about the red cardinal that calls to me. I tried to take a picture but my movement scared it off. Even with the protection of the trees this beautiful creature wasn’t taking chances. A friend of mine told me later that he saw the red cardinal out the front window. Maybe its following me–haha.



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