Unpopular Opinion Alert: I hate Fridays.

Okay, its contextual.

Currently, I work every single Friday night without fail. Fridays are basically my “hump day”. Its the middle of my work week when I’m feeling energetic and yet my option is to go to work and serve all the people who have 9-5 mon-fri hours. 

On TOP of that, Friday nights are when, apparently, all the grumpiest people work who see me as a pain in the ass because I want to do my job well. If I am the least bit confident or pro-active outside of my own work (such as trying to work with the team and develop a strategy in lieu of a boss who is used to slightly organized chaos) I get that “your not my boss, bitch face and/or completely ignored. I’m, of course not the cool one because I no longer drink or do drugs and instead I am obsessed with intellect and sociology. 

They have laughs with each other (in a circle, while doing nothing and ignoring customers unless they need immediate help) while I run around trying to stay focused on doing as much work as possible to A: pass the time and not think about how much I hate Fridays, B: actually help customers to my fullest extent, and C: do the jobs that I am asked to do on other days when a more proactive boss is present. 

But it’s not just about them. In fact sometimes I’m able to have them laugh with me rather than at me and to covertly point out their hypocrisies without them being able to see it as a direct attack (usually that happens when I’m being nice. go figure). Friday nights are some of THE busiest nights and usually have the highest content of drunk people. Not just any drunks, mind you. My “favorite” are the slightly wealthy angsty drunks that are mad because even though they have money they are still unhappy. They want what they want but they don’t know what they want but they want it FUCKING NOW GODDAMNIT. 

My coworkers find them funny. I find them sad and frustrating. I like my job partially because I enjoy helping people in small ways. These are people that can’t be helped. They remind me of my  Father at his worst, although he was never wealthy. They remind me that money doesn’t make your heart full or allow you to escape your inevitable fall towards death and decay. 

I really hate Fridays. 

Here’s another one. Let me stop procrastinating and see if I can manage to  keep my smile on. 

Until next time party of 4,

Lisa Prose


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