An Open Letter To That Which Keeps My Dignity Intact and Could Make or Break My Day:

Photo 1049Dear Slightly Oversized Work Pants from Goodwill,

Once again I shall make efforts to save us both from impropriety-
What once delighted me in comfort albeit slightly sagging and in need of belt HAS BLOWN A HOLE in the most important of parts-
I patched you up before- admittedly hurried and less than surgical- with criss-crossed or sometimes not, knots of grey on black-
The iron wouldn’t abide. It was-
So with this patch I thee wed until your untimely death but hopefully not while I’m at work, my love.
Did you not agree? 
Does the fiber of your being carryon so loosely that you should again fray and leave me exposed?!?
Alas and alack I am perplexed by your fickle resolution. 
First fixed then unfixed and now at loss betwixt I laced the string between your edges and embroidered flowers in one last attempt to save this dying love. 
Just one more day. 
I beg of you.
Then, I will move on.
You didn’t even fit anyway. Saggy ass. Too Short. Scrub.
But I’ve made yet another commitment to you for this last glorious day together.
All I ask is that for ONE SINGLE DAY you keep it together. Then feel free to fall apart.
And leave me,
literally and figuratively,
naked and afraid.


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