The Pipeline is Clogged!! EVASIVE MANEUVERS !

I have to write… SOMETHING.

This is it. YOu don’t have to read it, but I have to write it. Right now I am blocked. I can’t tell which is the biggest blockage. It is either globbed by my confusion with my recent breakup; clumped in with my ambiguous future; or barricaded by a popsicle stick depiction of my sensitive narcissism and mildly obsessive, poetic idealism. This is a draino post. HELLOOOOOOOOO?!?! Can you hear me down there?? We had a nice run of productivity and this is all we have right now. Thats right… “WEEE”. Its come to that. I have to talk to the parts of myself as a conglomerate–an army of misfit personalities. None of them quite fit and new versions keep popping up. I am the new captain, fueled by a day full of angry rant and manual labor serving self-righteous customers that can’t let me do my damn job and tell them what to do. Actually, not captain. A General. General Something and So So. I’m not the clever one here although I am quite proud of that popsicle stick line. On another note, why isn’t popsticle a thing? I accidently misstyped it but it really seemed right.

Moving on to further matters, Broad City Girls are on TV. Coincidentally I just realized my initials are S.A.S.S. (something and so so) which was a complete accident. I DID NOT know that Abbi and Llana are their real names.I don’t know why but I’m annoyed by the fact that they are so damned funny. I think its that thing where you know you are “supposed” to like something and you want to rebel, but you can’t. They are so funny.

That was the most important part of my PSA here. To all people reading and the other parts of my personality and the clogging issues: I hope you don’t mind, but if I don’t start trying to suck more often (sex jokes aside, pervs) I may never post anything. This will become a blog of epic unfinished drafted ideas and titles with blank spaces. But then again Taylor Swift made money off of blank spaces so maybe its not a bad idea.

Also, I want people to know that most parts of my personality are tomboyish and we are really good at spitting with accuracy.

This might come in handy for the asteroid/alien/globalwarming/zombie apocalypse. You should probably keep reading even if it sucks. Just in case.


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