Everything Sucks Just a Little

Today is brought to you by the letter B. For Baalllaaaad Baby. In Iambic Trimeter and whatnot.

Budding mischief in her eyes,
Newborn silver tongue,
Young defiance brought delight,
Foibles, yet unsung.

Worries seemed to evanesce,
Every day was new,
Tears flowed into river beds,
She danced in those too.

But soon friend turned to fearsome thing,
Silver tongue uncoiled,
Feather bent to broken wing,
And heart became unloyal.

So, alone, she did imagine,
New worlds she designed,
Found strange creatures of compassion,
deep inside her mind.


AND THEN SHE SAID WHAOOOOOOOoooooo this is so not the way I communicate bro!

But hey.

I tried. 


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