trickle-down dreams

We are born into this world, with a handful of could-be’s and promise, as the fruit of a love labour that is instantly forgotten.
We are born into this world with nothing but the outdated advice of our ancestors which is is revealed only through hidden messages transcribed into cliche, metaphor, and symbolic tales.
We are born into this world and expected never to look up at the sky.
We are born into this world with the ability to dream and imagine and learn and create, but taught to constantly expect less.
We are born into this world out of hope for the future as a creation of someone that gave up on their dreams.

These Dreams, through sleep and wake, that are always complex and confusing, dreams, that fight for air while we stuff our faces, dreams, that tells us our own secrets, dreams that allow us to feel the expressions of our unrepressed power as we slowly discover that it isn’t the confining reality of this earth make us stronger only if we remember them long enough to write it down.

Every morning I try to keep one foot in and out to hold on to this magic, this wisdom, this wonder, this spectacle, this deeply spiritual and horribly unpredictable yet eerily maleable world that presumably only exists for me so that I can bring the tiniest bit of that magic to you.

You, who are the “we” that fit with me that feel so moved as if I’d been inside your own mind must know that YOU are the spark that lights the candle that burns in the darkness of my cave of nightmares. You, who are still holding on to the remnants of hope but can’t manage to lift anyone on your back and instead fall broken and full of shame into the dirt with a spoiled mind for daring to look at the sky and into the sun and wonder what it feels like to be somebody else must know that it’s never too late. You who have been distracted by countless mirages dipped in chocolate and bathed in cheap wine with your thift-shop-nista pre-hipster, post-punk, wishy washy principles set on making a difference in a world you’ve barely seen much of must know that the top of the mountain holds the most beautiful view even if no one knows that you are there.
You who are a descendant of a descendant of someone who tried and failed and tried and failed and gave you everything they had even if it was way too many bad habits and a penchant for trying too hard—YOU MUST KNOW THAT THESE DREAMS HAVE TRICKLED DOWN to YOU and whatever they are– they are YOURS to do with them what you will in the privacy of your own mind. And your only task is to master them as completely as you possibly can and take them farther than those that have gone before you, to pass them on to another.


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