Middle Earth Cabaret

The other day I when i was feeling feverish from the flu I woke up from a very vivid dream at 4 am. It’s been a while since I had a dream like this. I immediately wrote this and then went back to sleep. Apparently my memory got blurry at the end. I was gonna make up the middle parts but I just want to put something out for this week. Embracing the suck for the sake of having product.

My mother and sister have brought me to a new place to visit a family member I’ve never met. It’s a seemingly normal , modern-ish, mountain town. As modern as a mountain town can be. The people dress as you and I do, if not perhaps with the smallest amount of quirk and…mystery. The family member was married to a man that appeared to be a beast. When I first entered the door I found myself taking a ladder downwards while he sat, smugly, at the bottom of a living room in a pit. The place was a converted loft that was somehow half underground. Imagine a vast amount of exposed pipe, including a particular element in which a shower of water sprayed into a bucket. I guess  to keep the room fresh? There was one bathroom, basically a long hallway with lots of random art pieces, draperies, and 20th century porcelain fixtures. The decor was a mix of lush French Boheme mixed touches of middle earth aesthetic.

so this guy is mean

family keeps it together anyway

My mom and sis and I stay in a room surrounded by drapes, which lower and raise like stage curtains

I meet friends, family leaves while I participate with friends in a “game” that is some sort of LARP. Everyone finds me annoying but they tolerate me. Some eventually endear to me.

Craziness ensues in the game which I have forgotten how to play (having never been told the rules anywa). There is a lot of running around and hiding and throwing riddles to people for their lives. Not exactly sure whats the point though. Survival, I guess?

Some of the male players are making out in secret corners– oops I stumble on them.

I get caught in the wrong room, wearing the color red at the wrong time so I get sent off to those who have apparently lost.

In the losers corner, though, I find someone’s pet who speaks perfect English with an amazing bass voice.

Someone decides we all need a snack so half of us leave to go to the store.

Its modern.. I wanted mcdonalds (in real life I have a coupon, although i can’t eat it)

On the way we see all sorts of interesting people that could be scary or not.. not sure.. its daylight though.. We turn left and pass a restaurant that some of the group want to eat.

Its just me, one girl and this guy that told me he doesn’t like me going to Mc D’s. When we get there of course everything is circus-like. I got a huge drink that looks like something out of whoville, and it promptly spilled. The guy laughed at me but paid for the whole thing.

On our way back we found there was a police officer and one of my friends said outloud that she was planning to sell some weed. Oops. The cop though looked tired and annoyed. He said, unfortunately I have nothing better to do. He proceeded to follow us.

We lost him just before we got back to the loft and cleanup was in full swing.. except it looked a mess… no one knew where anything went and there as a LOT moved to decorate for the game.

I try to use the bathroom but then find three men indisposed (Don’t ask me why this is a theme. This is the first time I have ever had a dream like this) . I had sat down and everything but I hadn’t noticed them  with all the drapes and things.. so I’m struggling to cover up but they totally ignore me and then another guy comes in to hide from someone and all my modesty is lost. I give up. I pee and get dressed.

Then I come out and discover that I can move things with my will in my hand. Levitating all the huge curtains made a very simple cleanup project. It wasn’t perfect but everyone left and the family came home shortly after.
The grump was first to ask me how It was and how I was.. asking all sorts of innapropriate questions but seemed to be happy for the first time. I told him about my abilities.. He told me that I should start taking class on wood creatures and how to protect myself from nymphs.

Then there was this big hubub at some bar in a little rounded valley with stores and homes built into the hills that we all had to see. People were larping for patrons at wicker and metal tables. I know it was larping because some of my friends were working. The music was dark… accordion stuff.. with a fire pit in the middle of the circle where the bar was… then to get there and find … but thats all I remember


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