Curious About Robot Voices

I’ve been kidnapped. My captors have abandoned me and left me in a beautiful overgrown backyard with a huge pond in the middle of it. This is the type of place where faeries might be hiding or the tree’s might start talking. Lush leaves droop down onto the still waters and long, dewy grass stretches up towards the knots in the willow trees.

This makes it a very enjoyable entrapment. But of course, I still want out. On the other side of the pond there appears to be an old shed. Its quite out of place as the main house is practically a modern mcmansion.Pushing through the grass and leaves and who knows what else, I find dusty windows and a half open door. My heart pounds and my breath leaves me. Going in a creepy building when you are already trapped doesn’t seem like the best of ideas. Perhaps I’d rather take a dip in the pond and make friends with the fish?

Instead I head back into the main house. Inside is a pristine, modern, calm and yet still eery place. It was not exactly a Stepford home, but it potentially aspired to be. I felt that ominous presence, as if a very sinister being is standing right behind you so I started running all over the house as if it was a maze, up the stairs, down the stairs, in this room and out that one. It was only, finally, when I was taken aback by the most beautiful view in the window in what must have been the master bedroom that I stopped. I was in awe and at peace as I stared at even, mild ocean tide coming in and up on to the shore, covering little bits of earth and stealing them away into the ocean. The windows were almost as big as me and huge with a mahogany frame that forced the blue sky and foamy white waves to punch out my eyes with their brilliance. But of course, then I realize–I’m not at a beach. This window isn’t real. This whole place isn’t real. I’m dreaming. I’m curious about myself, but I’m afraid to really know what’s in the darkness. I’m chasing myself. Running away from myself. Calming myself. Tricking myself.  This place is my home, in my head and it’s the only place I could ever, truly, call home.


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